Digital Applications

Using digital applications for creative design work.


Pinterest is a digital catalogue of ideas that allows users to save images, called pins, and place them on different boards. Users can follow other users’ boards that they like or have an interest in and share their own and others pins. The idea behind Pinterest is based on the shared interest of users and is dependant its members to produce the content.

Pinterest offers a platform for businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their work online that can serve as a “virtual storefront”. Recent brand studies show that Pinterest is more successful at driving sales than other forms of social media.

Pinterest not only allows the user to share images, they can share links to websites and origins of information. The site generates content of interest based on the users likes and interests. The application can be used as a digital catalogue of ideas, images, mood boards, work samples, materiality and more. to It links with other media platforms allowing the user to share across multiple sites.

It is useful in my creative design work to research and communicate ideas, store content for materiality, display my design work and to create mood boards. I can store ideas and images for design inspiration now and in the future. The board style storage of the application makes it an ideal mood board builder, grouping images in different themes, colours and styles.


Author: SIT+STOREblog

A university student studying BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design at University of Hertfordshire & The Interactive Design Institute.

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