Digital Skills

Digital skills are vital for success when working in the field of design. Technology is used as a key tool for creativity, communication, collaboration and coordination. It is of great importance as a professional designer to be competent in the use of a variety of digital tools, it is an integral part of contemporary design that continuously evolves with new ideas and innovations. Through this technology, it is possible to work remotely but collaboratively, to communicate design ideas endlessly through media platforms.

Creative software applications offer the ability to develop complex digital drawings and generate and progress design ideas in 2D & 3D forms. There are a variety of software 

applications including CAD, image editing, vector illustration and digital drawing. Using this software enables us collaborate more widely through communication tools using social media, web, multimedia presentations and electronic communication to promote and develop design work.


As an interior architecture and design student, digital skills are incredibly important to my work. The use of CAD, image editing and digital drawing has extended my design capabilities and developed my design skills. My ideas are advanced and progressed further using digital tools and have proved the most useful in my design work. If I were to rate my current digital skills out of 100 overall I would place myself at around 40/100. If I were to assess in more detail it would vary depending on the application, software or tool. I have more experience and knowledge of using media and communication tools but need to develop my drawing, CAD and image editing skills. So, this is where I intend to learn more and progress my skills as limited skills hinder the development of good design.


Author: SIT+STOREblog

A university student studying BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design at University of Hertfordshire & The Interactive Design Institute.

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